Often, people overeat because they are unhappy, stressed or depressed or perhaps because food has become a simple and dependable pleasure in life.

Using hypnotherapy to deal with these issues will often remove the need to overeat.
Our brains work on a number of different levels. This enables us to adequately perform the tasks which we have to undertake on a daily basis. Some of these tasks are performed at a conscious level, while others are taken care of at an unconscious level. The unconscious part of your mind plays a large part in controlling your eating habits.

Since every person is unique, our approach in your personal hypnotherapy sessions will be unique and tailored to you as an individual.

Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective method of regaining control over yourself and your eating habits. By reaching into your subconscious – always with your permission – hypnosis can be used to re-evaluate and reframe the mechanisms that sets your body’s standards and can allow you to confidently and successfully progress to your desired goal.

Hypnosis does not rely on will-power or self-discipline and does not call on you to perform feats of self-denial; it is beyond these daily insecurities and continues to work for you even when you are distracted by other priorities in your world.
Hypnotherapy helps change lifestyle attitudes at a deeper level and produces potentially lifelong results.

*(medical conditions can sometimes cause weight gain/loss and it is always wise to seek medical advice before embarking on any weight gain/loss program.)