Hypnosis is extremely effective in helping to reduce work related, sports related and personal performance anxiety.

Hypnosis puts you in a deeply relaxed state, during which we work to have you see yourself performing well in your mind, while focusing on relaxing your body deeply. This helps ‘recondition’ your brain to feel relaxed when performing.

If you experience anxiety symptoms such as high pitched voice, fast delivery of speeches, shaking hands, dry mouth, sweaty palms, dizziness, lost for words, blank mind etc, then hypnotherapy for performance anxiety can help you to stay calm, ease your nerves and build your confidence, so that you can perform at your best as and when needed.

Hypnotherapy can be used for all types of concerns regarding Performance Anxiety, including:

  • Wedding day speeches
  • Social events
  • Driving tests and assessments
  • School, university and professional exams and tests
  • On the job practical assessments and reviews
  • Interviews and assessment days
  • Company presentations and meetings
  • Performance Anxiety after a job promotion
  • Performance Anxiety for auditions for actors, actresses, musicians and dancers
  • Television and radio presenters performance anxiety
  • Broadcasters and news readers
  • Sports performance anxiety
  • Work related performance anxiety
  • Competition and context performance anxiety
  • Performance Anxiety for Relationship Problems
  • Music Performance Anxiety
  • Male Performance Anxiety, Female Performance Anxiety

Hypnosis can help in two key ways:

  1. It can help you learn the techniques to ease your  negative feelings regarding your performance. From breathing techniques which reverse physical responses, to instant mental calming techniques, so you can control the ways that you experience anxiousness and recognise the methods you can use to help reverse it.
  2. Hypnotherapy can assist you to seek out and resolve the source of your anxiousness. So often performance anxiety is related to a previous performance with a perceived bad experience. By revisiting your feelings of the experience, hypnotherapy can assist you in determining if your mind’s “story” about the experience is skewed, wrong, or outdated.

These techniques can be used to assist athletes, public speakers, actor, and politicians… but also anyone who wants to be more calm in front of people or even in intimate situations where performance anxiety can have a big impact.