At Clydesdale Hypnotherapy we are dedicated to offering you an honest and genuinely caring service delivered to you in a friendly environment. You will be kept fully informed throughout the therapeutic process. Our primary goal is to find the best therapy for you and adapt it to best suit your own personal needs. At all times we will be open to any questions you have regarding your therapy. We are members of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH) and abide by it Code of Conduct. We will never offer you irrelevant or un warranted therapies. We won’t give you false hopes or set unrealistic goals.

You can find details of BSCH at We believe that hypnotherapy can play a part in improving people’s lives. If you have issues that you feel would benefit from a fresh perspective, or need a “kick start” but are unsure if hypnotherapy can help feel free to email us at

We are graduates of LCCH International and the University of West London. The LCCH International provides practitioners of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, practical skills and theoretical background knowledge to practise hypnotherapy safely and ethically while the University of London according to The Times and Sunday Times University rankings 2018, is the best modern university in London.



We’ve developed a few question and answers about hypnotherapy. If these don’t answer your questions, please contact us.

Q. I’ve watched stage hypnotists make people act outrageously on television, will my session be like that?
A. No, absolutely not. Stage hypnotists are tapping into people’s extrovert side, they are “entertainers” and as such are not bound by the same ethical values that hypnotherapists are happy to follow. As members of BSCH we are honour bound to refrain from such activities.

Q. Will I remember all that happens during the session?
A. Yes. Throughout your session you will be aware of all your immediate surroundings and remember it all. As a lot of therapy consists of helping you make positive, lasting, changes in your life, the ability to remember the session is of a real benefit.

Q. I’ve been told that some people cannot be hypnotised, what if I’m one of those?
A. It’s true that some people find it difficult to attain a deeper level of hypnotic trance than others. However many therapies are carried out during light, or medium, trance states where it is simply a relaxed state of mind that is required.